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February  9th & 10th 2019


Vendor & Seminar Halls

Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm

Game Hall

Saturday February 10th 7AM - 12AM

Sunday February 11th  7AM - 6PM



Vendor & Seminar Hall

FREE and OPEN access to all attendees 

all weekend

Game Hall Prices

Early registration Nov23rd - Dec 15th

2 Day Badge  $15.00

Saturday only Badge $10.00

Sunday only  Badge $5.00


After Dec 15th 

2 Day Badge $20.00

Saturday only $15.00

Sunday only $10.00


“I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” – Steven Wright


What is Lodge Con? 

Lodge Con is providing a place for tabletop gaming admirers to come together to express their passion in a lively, cozy environment. Grab your hot coco or favorite beverage and get ready for a fun one-day event of gaming and camaraderie playing RPG’s, card games and miniature battles.

Independently managed, Lodge Con provides a relaxed, welcoming, family friendly gaming environment with a variety of gaming from novice beginner to full-on gamer enthusiasts. With food on premises, now you have no worries about stepping out or distractions from your gaming passion. Dining, refreshments and grab and go items are all at your dice rolling finger tips.

ALL attendees have FREE and OPEN access to our Vendors Hall and Seminar Hall, where you will find gaming related merchandise for all levels of your gaming involvement.

                                   GAME ON!

Set your times and tables to the games you wish!

Register for any of our 52 game events over our two-day show!

Saturday Feb 9th 7am -12am - Sunday Feb 10th 7am -6pm. 


No outside Food on Premises

The Trailblazer Network houses podcasts based on Tabletop Role Playing Games.
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Caleb's experience comes in the form of being the GM for a long-running home-brew campaign which has accrued over 380 hours of gameplay, as well as over 100 hours of gameplay as the GM for Trailblazers Season 1.

Communications Director at Sun Bros Studios
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Sun Bros Studios

Two Brothers.
A Drawing Table.

Timothy R
CEO/Lead Fabricator/Designer at HDC Cosplay and Fabrication
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HDC Cosplay and Fabrication, we strive to make fantasy a reality. The details needed to take that childhood dream and bring it in to our world are what is truly loved with our craft. Be it for a commission for a fellow fanboy or a movie production, some extravagant piece of armor or a small locket from a favorite game, the same amount of research, dedication, sweat, love, and frustration to make it as real as possible go in to every piece of work created. Thank you for joining us in this journey.

All game and tournament information can be found at our Warhorn game registration link found bellow


Ample and FREE parking 

710 S. West St
Peotone, IL 60468
Will County Fair Atrium Peotone IL
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